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Eternal Freedom

Freedom is the song all men long to sing. Yet too often freedom means free from the true God; free from His “constraints.” Sadly many will realize only after it’s too late that Jesus Christ is the only One who offers true, everlasting freedom. Deep down inside we believe we can somehow attain freedom to do…

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Calvinism’s Surprising Catholic Connection

(Originally posted by The Berean Call) By Dave Hunt THERE IS NO QUESTION that Calvin imposed upon the Bible certain erroneous interpretations from his Roman Catholic background. Many leading Calvinists agree that the writings of Augustine were the actual source of most of what is known as Calvinism today. Calvinists David Steele and Curtis Thomas point out…

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An Opportunity to Point

As Christians we are often faced with times of trial. Perhaps it’s because of being heavily investigated for actions I had taken as a nonbeliever, but one of the main things I thought of during that time when I heard the word trial was a court of law. In the end, whether I’d be facing…

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