nn nn nnGospel tracts are historically known as the way to break the ice with those you interact with whether on a daily basis, or on the random.  Even if you are incapable of carrying out a long conversation, a simple invitation to take something, and read it later, allows the person to be more receptive, and read the great news of Jesus when they have a chance later in their day.nnFor this reason, we strongly call any and all that take the words of Jesus seriously when He said....GO, we have some tracts for you.nnWhether sitting down for a bite to eat, and the server assisting you in your dining experience has the opportunity to read something when they clock out, or the person pumping fuel next to you at the local gas station, you can carry these conveniently in your purse or back pocket.

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God has always been faithful to providing a way for His people to interact and share with the lost.  We are not one to get in the way of this, so if you are eager to take a step and need a little help, we are happy to help with this.  We do not ask anything in return for these tracts, except that you continue to encourage other believers to find ways in ministering to the lost.  Our prayer is that our brothers/sisters in the Lord would begin to grow excited in talking with their neighbors, servers, any/and all that they come to interact with!!!nn nnEmail us here with your details on English/Spanish/Both, Quantities, and shipping information.

Informational Evangelism Resources


“It’s a Waste of Time to Witness to Other Religions”

By Keith McKenzie | January 15, 2017

Question: Is it a waste of time to witness to other religions when the response is so often very hostile, or at the very least completely uninterested? Answer: Is there any group of people that are easy to witness to? Mormons? Catholics? Muslims? Buddhists? Hindus? Atheists? Agnostics? New-agers? The rich? The poor? The vast majority…

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Planting Summer Seeds

By Flynn Huseby | April 13, 2015

GOOD EVANGELISM HABITS: Over the summer, it’s easy for children to forget they still have the exciting privilege of sharing God’s Word with others. Sharing is oftentimes a scary thing to think about for children (and even many adults). I mean, walking up to complete strangers and asking them if they believe in Jesus, how unnatural…

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I’ve often found that approaching a stranger with a kind and genuine introduction of yourself, and the reason you’re approaching them really sets the tone to have an open conversation with most people about the gospel. I always recommend to have a brother or sister in Christ with you when you go out to share, and never forget to pray for open and ready hearts to humbly receive The Lord’s words. Always pray for humility in your own heart, and for the love, wisdom, gentleness, and boldness to proclaim His word to the lost.nn nnThere was a time that The Lord opened up a door to share with a Jehovah’s Witness at the grocery store. When we began to talk, I recognized that asking questions like, “Can I share this with you?” or “Can we meet someplace for coffee to discuss the Bible together?” were great questions to ask since people are more receptive to an invite rather than just rapid firing information at them. Witnessing to the lost is still a personal conversation that needs to be handled with love, wisdom, humility, gentleness, and boldness.nn~Ryan Arvizu, Answering The Master's Call
Very informational, I love the way they articulate the myths of today. So many people believe what is false, it boggles the mind.nn~Cory Dupuy, Christian
These Biblically sound tracts are a wonderful resource in reaching the lost and sharing the gospel. They are a blessing to all who receive them!nn~Lestie Ann, Evangelist