"What do we make of Ellen White’s outlandish claim, made a century and a half ago, that God showed her a vision that the Sabbath was given to Adam and Eve? We can take it with a grain of salt! She also told us that England would come over and fight with the South against the North in the American Civil War and that the main-line Protestant churches would soon be promoting Spiritualism and having séances! A prophet whose predictions fail is a false prophet. Moses wrote in such a manner as to prevent his Hebrew readers from concluding that the Sabbath ordinance was instituted at Creation, and his wording of these Sabbath-related passages was directly inspired by God. Therefore, Ellen White's Sabbath visions could not possibly have come from God. But if she didn't get these non-biblical ideas about the Sabbath ordinance from God, where did she get them?"~ Kerry B. Wynne

Our goal and desire is to address the foundational and extrabiblical claims of Ellen G. White along with the Seveth Day Adventist Church.  Not only do they lead people astray from the truth but they captivate thousands into even more bondage then they started in.  The religious ordinations that come along with their beliefs can only muddy up the Gospel when it is by grace through faith we come to salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ.  Any and all that add/subtract from His work create a false gospel and need to be exposed.  Our hopes are that you would be challenged to see the Lord's intended relationship for us with Him by His word, and not Ellen G. Whites.

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