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Eternal Freedom

Freedom is the song all men long to sing. Yet too often freedom means free from the true God; free from His “constraints.” Sadly many will realize only after it’s too late that Jesus Christ is the only One who offers true, everlasting freedom. Deep down inside we believe we can somehow attain freedom to do…

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Why Did Jesus Come?

Why did Jesus ultimately choose to be born, crucified, and three days later rise from the dead? Not to sound heretical, but ultimately Jesus did not come to merely die for our sins. I believe God’s Word points to a much grander plan.Too often a prisoner who has spent many years in prison, once released, has…

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What Does the Bible Say About “YOLO”?

The world subscribes to the philosophy that self-fulfillment, instant gratification, and pride in one’s self are not only permissible desires, but are, in fact, ones we should actively pursue. If you spend any amount of time around a teenager on Instagram, Twitter, or the like, you are no doubt familiar with “YOLO”, the contemporary rendition…

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Growing & Going Q & A: Are People Born Homosexual?

Here’s a short video of Flynn and myself talking on a sensitive topic especially within the church these days. If we deal with it at face value instead of trying to avoid it, many will hear the truth and love of our Lord Jesus Christ! We as the church should have a love for all…

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