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“It’s a Waste of Time to Witness to Other Religions”

Question: Is it a waste of time to witness to other religions when the response is so often very hostile, or at the very least completely uninterested? Answer: Is there any group of people that are easy to witness to? Mormons? Catholics? Muslims? Buddhists? Hindus? Atheists? Agnostics? New-agers? The rich? The poor? The vast majority…

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Sins – Past, Present, and Future?

  Question: “Does faith in Christ cancel out our sins past, present, and future or just our past sins? Answer: This is arguably one of the most essential and fundamental elements of the Gospel.  For most, it is this very issue that compels them to reach out to Jesus in the first place, seeking His grace…

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What is Lordship Salvation?

Question: Is it wrong to say “Make Jesus your Lord?” What is Lordship Salvation? Answer: Lordship Salvation (LS) is a doctrine many people have most likely come across, but perhaps not even realized it. Those advocating LS, such as John Macarthur, focus mainly on the idea of repentance and the role turning from one’s sin plays in salvation. “To…

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What is Justification?

Question: What is this word “Justification” that Christians keep using? Answer: Basically speaking, justification means “right” and it is something we all spend a lifetime struggling to attain; justification for our actions, our beliefs, and our decisions. We endlessly seek justification from a variety of people, but the problem is that even when our decisions are justified,…

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Blind Faith Part 2 "Just trust in Jesus?"

Question: Is it perfectly acceptable to have what most today call “blind faith”? I speak to so many Christians today and most say, “Just trust in Jesus and you’ll be fine.” Answer: Here we’ll examine the second part of this question – “Trust in Jesus and you’ll be fine.” I couldn’t agree more that if we do…

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