Playground or Battleground?

During World War 2, three neighborhood children living in England were allowed to go out and play each afternoon. Their parents gave them only one rule. Each night they were to come home before the sun went down. One day, as the children walked past a long alley way, one of them carefully gazed to the end of the alley and saw something amazing. “Look!”, he shouted, “it looks like a playground.” The children excitedly ran across the broken stone road, and to their enjoyment discovered an amazing playground. They played and played until one of the them noticed the sun was going down. “We need to go”, she cried! They all quickly made their way home.

Each afternoon, the trio returned to the playground and played and played until one day they were all having so much fun, not one of them noticed the dimming light and growing shadows. Before they knew it, darkness was upon them and the children were forced to stay over night. As the night grew on, they couldn’t help but worry about all the horrible things that might happen to them. Awaking the next morning, they were surprised to discover they were just fine. Each began to smile, then went back to playing.

At this point the children decided to stay at the playground. This went on for days. The children deceived themselves into thinking that nothing bad could happen when in reality, something bad already had and none of them even realized it. The children were having so much fun playing, they forgot that the playground was not their home. Then one day, one of the children suddenly stopped. He turned to his friends, “I’m done playing and want to go. How do I get home?” They all looked at one another and it was at this point that they all realized what had really happened. They could no longer remember how to get home. They were…LOST.

Although there is a time for play, may we never forget that this world is not our personal playground. To those who’ve had their sins fully and freely forgiven by Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God; to those who are born again by the Spirit of God, who are now the children of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, this world is neither our playground nor our home. May we always hold lightly to those things which are quickly perishing, guarding our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus! Philippians 4:7

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