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No Jesus, No Thanks!

An atheistic evolutionist would have us believe there is nothing more than matter, yet if matter is all there is, then how would an immaterial concept such as “THANKS” ever originate? “Thanks” has no color, no shape, no texture, and no taste. A rock, for example, is matter in a solid form, yet it cares…

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Growing and Going: Q & A- Why Couldn’t God Have Used Evolution?

Question: Why Couldn’t God Have Used Evolution? Answer: This is an excellent question, especially in light of the days in which we live! Sadly, both creationist and evolutionist groups alike have surmised that if He wanted to, God could have used evolution as His creation process. Unfortunately, even young earth creationists have often said that…

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Character Matters!

Recently there was a biblical discussion between several men from two totally opposite camps of belief. Both claim to hold to God’s Word and both claim to desire the truth above all else, however both cannot be correct. When dealing with the subject of whether or not God created the universe, there is really no division…

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Did ALL Humans Really Come From Adam and Eve?

Question from an evolutionist… “How could Christians ever believe that all humans came from Adam and Eve (For Eve: Adam’s rib…I guess) and that they lived to be 900+ years old, and that incest must have been involved to continue the human race?” Answer: Understandably, the Genesis account of creation is much different than the…

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Creation Navigation Part 2: Evolution Has No Leg to Stand On

In part 1 of Creation Navigation, the goal was to expose the root of what men call “Scientific Evolutionism”. Knowing that the philosophy of evolution was birthed as a doctrine of devils and incubated in the hearts and minds of sinful men should be enough to keep its sales pitch locked outside of any reasonable man’s…

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Creation Navigation Part 1

When driving through a big city, it’s easy to get distracted, redirected, and even lost. We can find our eyes quickly wandering from the road, pulled away by the bright lights and tall buildings. Street signs are literally piled one upon another with arrows pointing in every direction, not to mention all the chaos of…

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