Growing and Going Video: Star Wars In Light of God’s Word

With the new Star Wars movie being released, we wanted to share our article and video on the topic.  Praying it is still a resource that encourages the church and glorifies the Lord!

“Below is our latest video which is based on an article Flynn wrote a while back on the film “Star Wars”.  We pray it’s a useful resource that points solely to the One True Savior, Jesus Christ.  The grace and patience God faithfully shows us in order that we might be lead to daily fellowship with Him is such a wonderful illustration of His love.  May God keep each of His children humble and sensitive to His loving correction as He, and we, continue to examine our hearts as our walk with Him persists!” -Kyle P.


Click the picture to be directed to the video.

Also, check out Flynn’s article if you haven’t already right here:



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